Version 2.85


Greetings and good day!

I have done a couple of updates to the program per user requests.


Printing addresses with an "&" in the address resulted in an underline space_character  ("_") to be printed and not a "&".  Program has been fixed and now prints "&" correctly.


To conform more closely with USPS Envelope Specifications the following have been implemented:

  • Addresses are printed in ALL CAPS
  • Between City and State there is a single space (" "), the comma-space (", ") has been removed
  • Between the State and Zipcode there are two spaces ("  ")
  • If the line below the Company/Name line contains "ATTN" then this line is printed first (above) then the Company/Name line is printed second  (below) followed by the street address below.
Old Way
      Company Name
      Attn: John Doe
New Way

At some point in time the auto-update function "broke" and I have been unable to fix it as of yet (time to test, etc).   Therefore, in order to update your installation please follow these instructions

Go to the install directory (normally, the program install directory will be either C:/Program Files/Envelope Printer or C:/Program Files (x86)/Envelope Printer) and rename the EP.exe file to EP_old.exe.

Next, come back here and right-click the below File link and "Save Link As..."   Navigate to your Program install folder and save the file as EP.exe (you can save it as EPv285.exe and then copy and rename if you like).  There must be a program named EP.exe in order to run.

The new version 2.85 exe can be downloaded by right-clicking HERE and selecting "Save link as..."

MD5 Hash for the file is 8330e9945265809cd005aacf4b2e20f2

PRO version users:  Once you put the new EXE file in the correct directory the first time you run the program you may need to click through the HELP->Enter Activation Code menu item.  If the licensing files are intact and correct the program should automatically "refresh" to the PRO version.  If there are any problems you may have to go through the "re-activation" process.  Simply enter your original activation code received after purchasing the PRO version, enter your current password (whatever you originally set during the first activation sequence), for the new password you MUST USE A PASSWORD that has NEVER been used in the past.  If you have lost your activation code or you need your password reset please contact me at and I will assist with getting you back up and running with the PRO version.

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