Greetings and Good Day!

I regret to inform visitors to our site that software sales are temporarily suspended.  This suspension is caused by the unexpected closure of our eCommerce vendor on August 1, 2016.  

At this time we are evaluating new eCommerce vendor solutions.  As soon as we have selected a new solution and developed the new integration with our website we will restart selling Envelope Printer software.   As we are a small part-time company the resolution may take several weeks to a month.

YASDC appreciates your patience's in this matter as we work to resolve the issue;.  

$8.99 price error


It has just been brought to my attention that if you use Help->Check for Updates you will be offered Envelope Print for $8.99.  This is an error.  The program is now priced at $12.99 and has been since January 2013.  Since I originally release the program there have been changes made to the program compiler that I use that create problems when I attempt to re-compile new programs.  To make changes, I must make major changes and just have not had the time to do this.  I apologize for any problems and inconvience that this may cause. 

Version 2.80 file error corrected

Sorry to have to post this.  In the version 2.80 that I posted to the website earlier there was a "programmed error" for testing purposes  that I forgot to remove when I made the final compiled version for release.

The "programmed error" prevented the program from "keeping" the PRO Activation settings and requiring a reset every time you started EP.exe.  This error has been fixed and the program will retain the settings.  The links in the prior post take you to the corrected version so simply follow the instructions in that posting to get the most up to date version.

For those downloading directly from our website and wish to confirm the authenticity of the files the current MD5 hashes are as follows:

EP.exe  MD5 = "66a94ce6bb5d1c2bcb67c071b1b7febf"

epInstaller.exe MD5="092c5d0e8b07fa72131e2c9dfe6aa50c"

For those interested I use the MD5 Context Menu application from Bullzip.  You can find the program here

This company also makes the excellent PDF Print Drive BullZipPDF that I use.

I do not think any, if many, people got a hold of the bad download.  If you did I sincerely, apologize for the inconvienence that this error on my part might have caused you.

Version 2.80 update released

New Installers has been created and the Downloads page link is for the version 2.80 epInstaller.exe

Currently it is best practice to download the installer and run the program. 

Go to the install directory (normally, the program install directory will be either C:Program FilesEnvelope Printer or C:Program Files (x86)Envelope Printer) and rename the EP.exe file to EP_old.exe.

Next, come back here and right-click the below File link and "Save Link As..." 

Place the EP.exe file download in the current program directory of your Envelope Printer install

The new version 2.80 exe can be downloaded by right-clicking here and selecting "Save as..."

PRO version users:  Once you put the new EXE file in the correct directory the first time you run the program you may need to click through the HELP->Enter Activation Code menu item.  If the licensing files are intact and correct the program should automatically "refresh" to the PRO version.  If there are any problems you may have to go through the "re-activation" process.  Simply enter your original activation code received after purchasing the PRO version, enter your current password (whatever you originally set during the first activation sequence), for the new password you MUST USE A PASSWORD that has NEVER been used in the past.  If you have lost your activation code or you need your password reset please contact me at and I will assist with getting you back up and running with the PRO version.

Interim Update version 2.80

I have been hard at work on version 3.0 and have decided to move a few features into the current version of Envelope Print.  The version 3.0 re-programming is turning into a major new product.  Originally I had thought of this new version as an extension of the Envelope Print program, however it is becoming more like a Rolodex that allows for printing envelopes.  Therefore, I am probably going to end up with two products instead of rolling everything into one product.
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