Version 2.80 update released

New Installers has been created and the Downloads page link is for the version 2.80 epInstaller.exe

Currently it is best practice to download the installer and run the program. 

Go to the install directory (normally, the program install directory will be either C:Program FilesEnvelope Printer or C:Program Files (x86)Envelope Printer) and rename the EP.exe file to EP_old.exe.

Next, come back here and right-click the below File link and "Save Link As..." 

Place the EP.exe file download in the current program directory of your Envelope Printer install

The new version 2.80 exe can be downloaded by right-clicking here and selecting "Save as..."

PRO version users:  Once you put the new EXE file in the correct directory the first time you run the program you may need to click through the HELP->Enter Activation Code menu item.  If the licensing files are intact and correct the program should automatically "refresh" to the PRO version.  If there are any problems you may have to go through the "re-activation" process.  Simply enter your original activation code received after purchasing the PRO version, enter your current password (whatever you originally set during the first activation sequence), for the new password you MUST USE A PASSWORD that has NEVER been used in the past.  If you have lost your activation code or you need your password reset please contact me at and I will assist with getting you back up and running with the PRO version.

Burt Kahn
I have followed your instructions on upgrading to version 2.80 with no success. I renamed EP.exe to EP_old.exe and right clicked on the link in your email. It won't let me install the new version in the EP directory of my Program Files. The error message says that I should download a new version and install it.
kerri nichols
I have one problem with the program, when I go to my saved addresses to print I click on the address I want but when it goes back to the envelope screen its a different address not the one I clicked on! How do i fix this!

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