Version 2.55

I have released an update to version 2.55.

To get the update follow these steps:

1) Start Envelope Printer
2) Click on "Help"
3) Click on "Check for Updates"

The program will check our webservers to see if there is an update file availabe (which there should be for all users at this time).  If your program reports that it is up to date please send a support message using our Contact Form.

When the update is recognized Envelope Printer will close and start an update program which will open a new window and show the status of the update.

Once the update is finished running, you can restart using Envelope Printer.

Your Window Title bar should show either "Envelope Printer Standard v2.55 - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" or "Envelope Printer Pro v2.55 - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx".

The main change for users is that an OPTIONS menu item has been added.

The only option at this time is "Disable Zipcode Lookup".

If the option has NO CHECKMARK in front of it, it is turned off and the program will work as normal.

If the option has a CHECKMARK in front of it then the option is turned on and the program WILL NOT do automatic ZIPCODE lookup when you enter zipcodes.

The "tab" order of the fields does not change.

The other change is that if you enter the City and State first and then the zipcode, a zipcode will not be looked up replacing what you had previously typed.

Zipcode lookup will still return City and State in ALL CAPS as this is what the US Post Office regulations state.  In fact, the regulation really require ALL fields to be ALL CAPS, but they allow for variance from this provided the address is readable (by OCR and/or human operators).  Italices, Bold, Script, "Funky" Fonts, should be avoided at all times.  Any of these issues could allow the post office to deny acceptance of the mail piece. 

I have spoke to several postal employees and they have all said that they really prefer if CITY and STATE are ALL CAPS and the other information can be Upper/Lower mixed.  While this is not "fully" compliant with Postal Regulations it is acceptable.

If you prefer to have City and State in Upper and Lower case, then I recommend that you DISABLE ZIPCODE LOOKUP and type in the City and State yourself. 
I've tried downloading using Update but I keep getting the message Error Downloading, try again later...
Joe Hunter
I don't get any error message, but the download never completes.

The status bar goes to about 80-90% very quickly and then just hangs there.
Robert Ayr
The download does not seem to be working. The "Checking for updates" window progress bar gets to about 90% and goes no farther.
Larry Parker
Update gets to about 90% and goes no farther! 12/04/2012

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