Windows 8 and Envelope Printer v2.50

I do not have access to Windows 8 at this time.  None of the Beta testers have Windows 8. 

I have received a couple of reports (o.k. 3 which is a few not a couple) that there are problems with Envelope Printer v2.50 and Windows 8


The program is written in and compiled using PUREBASIC which is not a Microsoft Licensed/Approved/Authenticated product.  In addition, I do not have a Windows Developer Authenticode Certificate.  Because of this Windows 8 complains by not running my program correctly.  This is primarily due to Windows 8 restricting writting to disk operations for non-authenticated programs.

To overcome this problem you can Go to the Program Properties and select compatibility to be an older version of windows like "Windows XP" or "Windows 7".  Additionally, you may need to set the program to "Run as Administrator".  (I am assuming that Windows 8 is like Windows 7 in respect to being able to set these properties under the Properties of the shortcut, however you may need to change it somewhere else in the system, maybe Action Center?)

Also, just a reminder:  I personally have had problems with AVG Anti-Virus and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware reporting False Positives with my software.  To insure that you have my software, before trusting any download, check the MD5.

MD5 for the installer (epInstaller.exe)         33efd4edc82b086e67f0f3ff8198f85e

MD5 for the current ep.exe version 2.50    454011b0b8af21fa22e05819c290b89f

MD5 for the update25.exe                             060deb23d2390598aa8b7114ad1988ca

At this time this is the best I can do to insure that you are getting un-corrupted/changed/altered/replaced files. 

If sales of the PRO version take off, then I will apply for a Developers Authenticode Certificate and start providing Signed Executables so that verification and authentication become less of a problem.

Thanks for your understanding and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me using the CONTACT form on this website or using the comments below.

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