Version 2 Beta 04

Version 04 of the Version 2.00 Beta is in the process of being released to beta testers.

Lots of problems and many suggestions have been fixed and/or incorporated into the newest update. 

Due to problems with changing over to Windows Vista/7 compatibility on User Access Control (UAC) and File Storage I have had to eliminate the multi-address book option at this time.  It will be a version 2.50 release.  Since I will not be charging for the Version 2.00 software (since the multi-address books will not be in it) I will also delay installation of the licensing and activation code.

A quick list of new features includes:
 -    Added auto-update checker to automatically update software from our website.
 -    Multi-Font Support for Addressee Address
 -    Multi-Font Support for Return Address
 -    Print Preview
 -    Converted BaseInfo.txt to {addressbookname}.inf file
                    added extra lines to track previous font selections
 -    Fixed problem with sort - again
 -    Menus and Toolbars
 -    Fix File Location Windows Vista / Windows 7 compatibility
 -    Added Clear button to clear Addressee To address if wrong address selected or decide not to print it
 -    Added Delete button to delete records
 -    Double-click on addresses in Look-up table to "auto"-select and return versus having to click "Select" button

Along with additional speed increases and reduction of duplicative coding.  File size is still around 150kb which is pretty dang small.

Looking forward to getting the first mass-release of V2.00 out by the end of January 2012.


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