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In my last two post I eluded to the fact that I am working on a complete re-write of Envelope Printer.  In December 2013 I completed and passed my Global Information Assurance Certification - Computer Forensic Examiner testing.

Shortly after the New Year started I began the programming side of the re-write and discovered that I needed to really, really re-design the use of the program.  So instead of the basic "envelope" screen, I am now utilizing a tree-list for displaying addresses. (image below)

As you can see from the above, there will be a Primary Index (normally Last name, First name format). 

There will be an Alt Index, which will allow you to define any method of indexing the addresses in your address book.

I am thinking of making it Alt Index 1 and Alt Index 2.  Where if no index is selected then the system defaults to Last Name, First Name, City, State.

Alt 1 Index and Alt 2 Index will then be user-definable.

In options you will be able to "define a Template" for the Alt indexs.  For example, you might define Alt Index 1 as "{City} {Last Name} {First Name}" and Alt Index 2 as "{First Name} {Address 1} {City}"  This will allow you the user to define at least one (and possibly two) different Indexes for accessing your address book.

In addition to the above, I am including support for ALL ENVELOPE types that your printer will recognize.  Along with the ability for you to define address positioning on each Printer/Envelope combination.

Finally I am introducing a new feature that I call UserSet.  A UserSet is the Return Address and default information a user can define.  This will include the Return Address, Font Name, Size and Style for Return and Addressee Addresses and a picture to include to the left of the return address.  The UserSet is Address Book independent meaning you can have one address book and multiple UserSets.  For example.  You could have a UserSet that includes just your name in the Return address field and uses a standard Times Roman Font.  A second UserSet might have "The Addams Family" as the name in the Return Address and utilize a "Holdiay's" Font with a Christmas tree picture that prints to the left of the Return Address.

You will continue to be able to have multiple address books, i.e. "Personal", "Business", "Christmas Cards", etc.  You could technically have only one UserSet for each address book or you could have multiple UserSets for one address book, and one for all of the other address books. 

Overall, I think I am getting around 80-85% of the most requested features implemented into the new software.  When I first was designing and analyzing the new program I was figuring 3 months programming time to get to beta testing.  While there is still 26 days left in this month until 3 months is finished I am anticipating that it will be closer to 4.5 or 5 months before I get to beta testing.

If you are interested in being a beta tester please let me know via the Contact Us form on this website or sending an email through the program.  I am hoping to have this ready to release by June-July.  At that point the program price will be increasing to $14.99 or $19.99 depending on how much problem and support I anticipate there will be for the new program.  If you know of anyone who wants the program, tell them to get it now while it is still only $8.99.  All current users will get the next version at no additional cost.  Updates for free for the life of the program.

Take care and have fun in life,

Kevin Perryman

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