Another Update

OK so this past weekend I was able to sit down and do some work on the next version.

I spent about 14 hours going through all of the design ideas that y'all have sent along with things that I wanted to re-work to begin with.  I never realize how much work there is to do until I sit down and start wading through my three folders of information.  A lot of the work I did was spent just getting all of my design notes together and organizing in a cohesive fashion.

I am leaning towards the following "program" at this time and am anticipating 3 months re-write from the ground up.

1) Rolodex "based"
2) Envelope Printer
3) Fax Cover Page Printer
4) Fax Cover Page designer
4a) Form Letter Designer/Printer (possible add-on)
4b) Multi-select and print of Form Letter/Fax Cover pages (part of Form Letter Designer)
5) FAST - goal is to still be under 30s to load, select/enter information, print envelope
6) Print to any size envelope that is recognized by the printer
7) Easier adjustment of print alignment
8) all of the current features (as needed/applicable to new environment)

No this will not be Microsoft Word quality word processor/letter writer.  The purpose is to be quick and easy.  Also, task specific.  Therefore, I am really aiming to make this more of a correspondence manager.  Any letter, envelope or fax cover page will be stored in pdf with time and date stamp for tracking purposes.

Anyway, just wanted to post another quick update.

Take care


Don Padgett
I have never been able to get the 2.5 version to hold any files like return addresses. Will the next version work better with Window 7

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