Updates and New Versions

I know it has been a long time since I have done an update on the progress of the new version.

This past year, I became a licensed private investigator.  Predominately to do Computer Forensics on behalf of a PI I had been providing computer support to.  However, I have also been doing "standard" PI work during this time also, you know, Child Custody surveillance jobs, Suicide/Murder investigations, cold case murder investigations, and so on.


During this time the PI I am working with was able to collect evidence to assist in  the apprehension of a gentleman accused of murdering his first wife back in 1962.  This case may actually develop into a serial murder case as there are several other women that were associated with this man who have gone missing over the years.  If it does it will be the oldest American Serial Killer Cold Case that ended up bringing the killer to justice. You can read about the man and what he is accused of at The Clarion Ledger - "Gone". You can also read about it at the Lake Charles newspaper site

I am also working with the same PI on a case where a man supposedly committed suicide in the presence of his ex-wife.  There was a lot of bungling by the police department on this case and we are investigating the potential that this might actually have been a murder.

In addition to these cases, I have attended System Administration and Network Security (SANS) Computer Forensics training and am currently preparing to take my certification test.  Once that is done then I am going to get going on an update for the Envelope Print program.

What I am envisioning is a program that is more of a Rolodex with the ability to print 1) Envelopes of any size (based on what your printer can recognize) 2) Fax Cover pages and 3) have some kind of "notes" section for tracking non-printing information (i.e. information that would not print on an envelope).

The screen for the envelope printing will look something like this: (NOT FINAL)

Again this is just a preliminary of the Envelope Print screen.  I am actually thinking of changing things up and having the address book be the main screen and from there have the various "actions" branch to the appropriate screen. i.e Envelope Print, Fax Cover page print, Notes, etc.

Anyway again sorry for the long time between updates life got busy.  I would anticipate that starting Mid-November I will be starting the new programming of the next version.


Douglas M. Gross
Wow, best of luck to you on those cases you are working. It sounds like there is some justice that is long overdue.

You and I have corresponded some via email some time back, and I recently developed a problem. The placement of the Addressee is way off, and the Sender is just about to fall of the upper left corner of the envelope. This is only a problem with my computer at work, and I wonder if I or Windows updated a driver that could have affected this.

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