The copy/paste functions in the edit menu and toolbar are nothing more than links to the standard Windows copy/paste functions. 

These functions DO NOT copy a complete address and allow you to paste a complete address in a different address book.

The copy function works just like any other windows program.  Highlight the text that you would like to copy, then either select Copy from the Edit menu, Toolbar or Ctrl+C.

The paste function works by placing the cursor in the field where you would like to paste the clipboard text, then either selecting Paste from the Edit menu, Toolbar or Ctrl+V.

If you do not select a field into which you will paste the clipboard contents then Envelope Printer v2.50 will CRASH.  This is a known issue and I am working on fixing it.  Basically by insuring that a field is select before the paste function is called.

If you have any issues with this and need clarification please let me know and I will work with you to solve your problem.

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