Upgrade Paths

OK, well it wasn't a few months, but actually just a couple of weeks.  Version 2.50 is in the hands of several Beta testers and looks like it will be ready for mass release next week.  One of the reasons it went quicker is because we changed the Upgrade Path a little.  So here is the new Upgrade Path:

Version 2.50:
  • Standard and Pro versions
  • Authentication of Software (Pro Version)
  • Multiple Address Books (Pro Version)
  • Set To Font (Pro Version)
  • Set From Font (Pro Version)
  • Print Preview (Pro Version)
  • Print Multiple Copies (Pro Version)
Version 2.60
  • Save Multiple Envelope Size/Spacing Settings (Pro Version)
Version 2.70
  • Print a .jpg, .bmp, .gif or .png image to the left of the Return Address (Pro Version)
Version 2.80
  • ???? You tell me what you want.
  1. Postnet barcodes are being phased out and replaced with the Intelligent Mail Barcode.  The purpose of the Intelligent Mail Barcode from what I can see is more for mass mailers and not individual piece mail.  Therefore I will not be implementing any type of barcode in Envelope Printer.
  2. I have been asked about providing a "free text" line that would be printed at the bottom of the envelope.  Suggested uses were "PERSONAL", "ATTN: {Name}, {Department}", "REPLY REQUESTED", and other types of "NOTIFICATIONS".  I have not decided yet if I will provide this or not.  I would like more input from everyone.  Either use the comments on this posting or send me an email.
  3. Web-Integrated Zip+4 lookup using the USPS postal service website.  I am thinking of doing this but, am not sure about Terms of Service and other aspects related to using the USPS website.  I am investigating this and might offer it as an "add-on" secondary program.

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