More Version 2 Info

Ok so I have 85% of version 2 completed. 

One of the biggest changes other than changing font sizes for printed addresses is the request for Multiple-Return addresses.  Instead of having multiple return addresses I have decided to go with Multiple Address books.  That's right, one address book per return address.  During the create new address book routine you will be given the option to "copy" over all of the addresses from another address book.  Each address book will be associated with one return address.  This allows for you to have 1) addressbook for personal use, 2) addressbook for business, 3) addressbook with spouses return address (same addresses as your addressbook to begin with), 4) an addressbook for whatever other reason where you need a different return address.

With all of the features and updates I am doing, I am also installing a licensing and activation routine.  This routine will be only for the "paid" version of the software.

The "free" version will allow for a single address book only.  No multiple address books.  You can manually change the return address each time you need to. 

The "paid" for version will allow for the multiple address books. The standard version will be $9.99 and will allow for installation on upto 3 machines (work, home, laptop).  The pro version will be $19.99 and will allow for installation on up to 8 machines.  I am trying to work on some kind of additional activations pack, but am having problems pricing this reasonably because of the licensing/activation fees I must pay to the third party vendor.  Will let y'all know as I figure stuff out.

Take care, and have a safe and happy holiday.


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