Version 2 Update

Making major changes in version 2 so it has taken longer to get it out.

These are highlights of what I am trying to accomplish.
  • Website Integrated Auto-Update
  • Multiple Return Addresses
  • Ability to Change Printed Fonts (this is where all the work is at)
  • Faster lookup routines (I know it is already pretty darn fast, but every little micro-second I can shave out the better).
  • Menu system (I hate these but with the added Upgrades and Font selection going to have to have 'em now)

Website Integrated Auto-Update

This feature will check the website to see if a new version is available and if it is offer to let you update.  You do not have to update, it is just an offer.  You will be able to turn this option on/off in an options tab of the menu system.

Multiple Return Addresses

No more re-typing Return Addresses if you want to have different ones.  Like the main Addressee Lookup function, you will be able to lookup and select which address to use.  The previously used address will become the default for the next time you run the program.  Like everything I have done until now, the system remembers where you left off.  I like this feature and adding the multiple return addresses will not do away with this ability.  Thinking about offering a "default" return address option instead of "remembering" the last used one but don't think I really like that idea.  Of course might offer a check box option that is "Remember Last used Return Address".  If it is not checked then a "Default" return address must be selected.  This gives the best of both worlds.

Ability to Change Printed Fonts

This is the most oft asked for enhancement.  The problem with this is that with printing I have to place the text at exact "x,y" positions.  With different fonts, spacing becomes an issue.  I am trying to develope a method of "block" printing.  That is where I put together a block of text that is "auto-formated" based on font size, and I just place the top left hand corner of the complete block in a precise "x,y" spot.  This is by far the most cumbersome and difficult change I am making.

Faster lookup routines

Trying to eek out just a little more speed and less resource utilization.  Not a major change for the end user but makes me happy I am offering the fastest, most efficient method of handling information.  Also, looking at being able to add multiiple indexes within the faster lookup routine.  I don't think the multiple indexes will be offered first go around.

Menu System

At this point I am looking at having the following:

File     Edit     Options    Help

Under File->Exit would be the only option
Under Edit there would be  ->Copy ->Cut  ->Paste ->Find/Lookup ->Delete Addressee  ->Delete Return
Under Options ->Defaults
Under Help there would be ->Help ->Check for Upgrade ->About

Anyway, thats about it for now.  Also working on several other projects but nothing ready for Beta testing yet.

Take care


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