Problem with Epson-esqe Printers

Printers that use the old Dot-Matrix Epson command set do not work properly with Envelope Print due to the fact that they either do not recognize the command  codes to change into Landscape orientation.  Another problem encounter is the inability of these printers to substitute printer fonts for True-Type Fonts that are sent to the printer. 

I am working on the problem but can not guarantee that these problems will be fixed.  I do want to thank M. Horowitz for bringing these issues to my attention and are grateful for all of the time and assistance he was willing to provide to track down the problems and seek partial solutions.

If anyone ever has any problems with Envelope Print please contact me through the Contact Us page.  I am always willing to help anyone who is experiencing problems with any of my programs.  I use this program almost daily for the past three years without problems, but I also have limited printers that I have access to.



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