Iphone/Ipad & Android Programmer Needed

I am so busy with so many projects that I have come to the conclusion that instead of learning new technologies I need to find someone who already knows the technology and who can take projects that I have and run with them. 

Therefore, I am looking to hire an individual with the following skillsets/criteria:
1) Primary communication language - English
2) iPhone/iPad xCode experience
3) Android Java development experience
4) Can work on own and meet project deadlines and goals timely
5) Willing to bring up new ideas and create alternative solutions
6) Able to dedicate at least 20 hours per week to projects
7) Able to work with pseudo-code and flow charts/design documents to develop code
8) Email account
9) Access and knowledge of using ftp software

What you will receive
1) Compensation - based on experience and evaluation of previous works.  I am Willing to provide alternative compensation models (i.e. % of Net in lieu of salary) if steady income not required, i.e. this position is perfect as a secondary job or for a college student who does not need additional income now.
2) Freedom to design maintainable code in format of your preference
3) Work from anywhere in the world

Yeah, I know this sounds like a no salary paid type of job.  Don't get me wrong, I am willing to pay a salary but have found in the past that salary or time based compensation does not really work for distance employment.  Usually I end up with shoody/crappy code that supposedly took hours and hours of time or I get little to no time comitmment to the project.  I would rather give a % of the project to the individual so that they have a larger potential stake in the outcome.  Will use www.vWorker.com to guarantee payments.

Projects that will be developed will be "game"/"entertainment" directed.  These are projects that should appeal to a large audience. Based on similar projecfts, I have found statistics supporting that there are at least 12 million + mobile device casual game players that would be potentially interested in these projects.  My projections for these projects is 1-2 million.

What you need to do:
1) send an email of interest to jobs (at) yasdc (dot) com include the following attachments:
   a) Resume in pdf, doc or odt format
   b) 1 small (less than 1,000 lines of code) program source code in C/C++ (xCode) or Java
   c) a download link to compiled version of program from (b) above, (this by passes the need for me to make sure I have the same development environment setup as you)

You are not going to be required to provide any artwork or images for my projects, I already have a graphics designer for all of that.

This posting is open and valid until December 31, 2011 or until such time that I post a retraction of this offer.



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